T J Jewelry, having been in business for many years, with many satisfied customers, complies with U.S.  laws governing use of the mail.   You are protected by  those laws. 

 We do not use imitation gemstones with our top quality rings.    Many genuine or natural gemstones are costlier than diamonds,  a cost we believe too high to pass on to our customers.  We use only the finest synthetic gemstones obtainable.  Unlike genuine or natural stones, synthetics are virtually flawless, they match natural gems in specific gravity, hardness, durability, and brilliance.  Our onyx, jade and cat's eye however are natural stones. 

The diamonds we use are selected for their quality and brilliance.   If you have a special diamond you would like to use, we would be glad to set it in the ring of your choice.

 We can add lettering, dates or other special design features by making a new die.  Where special dies are necessary your cost would be $75 for gemstone ring caps and $125 for insignia ring caps.  This is a  non-refundable, one time charge in addition to the price of the ring.

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